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One Direction - 2015 Official Mini Wall Calendar (x)

One Direction - 2015 Official Mini Wall Calendar (x)

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so how are you not going to cry when you hear strong live?


i’m definitely going to cry i’m gonna cry when louis comes on stage and when he sings about coming in someone’s hair too

It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that the boys are millionaires many times over now. Do you think they will be the first billionaire boyband?

IDK, I think it’s possible that SYCO and Modest could reach a billion in profits from One Direction. I don’t know if they boys will reach that number before their contracts are up with Modest. 

Not just the post you re-blogged. I see a lot of people advising those of us tired of the PR bull**** surrounding One Direction to take a break away from the fandom. Do you think all the PR bull**** is why One Direction while still popular seems to be losing it's most avid fans?

I’m not sure that One Direction is losing fans per se. I think as fans are maturing or tiring of the bull*** as you say, they may leave the drama but they are soon replaced by the targeted demographic fan of 8-12 years old.

Plus there are still many places in the world waiting for their first One Direction concert. 1D are still selling out stadiums and have the most popular and profitable tour of the year.

What's your favorite One Direction merchandise?

Well there is a lot to choose from that’s Modest’s wheelhouse and as I was reminded recently they are both a band and a brand.

Band: Albums and Standees.

Brandwise: This is hard. Is it a choice between the makeup and the perfume?  Perfume? The makeup kits look interesting but they are not for me.

What do you enjoy most about the One Direction Fandom and what to you like least about it?

I enjoyed seeing young boys live their dream and become a band of brothers. I appreciate the potential they have as artist.

I don’t enjoy that the fandom has been exposed to the ugly side of the music industry and that fan opinions and input doesn’t seem to matter only fan money to purchase tickets, albums, and merchandise. Fans have to accept what they are given and have no influence over anything.

Louis in the blue shirt at the 2012 VMAa or Louis in the black turtleneck at the 2012 Bambi awards?


auckland, nz [x]
auckland, nz [x]

I really need surfer!louis to make a return in the US leg of this tour, man. That body in a wetsuit again? PLEASE. The fandom may not be ready, but I am!!


You mean you want more of this?



and this

and this

and allllllll of this?

You may be ready. The rest of the world is not. We’re all still recovering.

Kaaaaaaat. Make all the dumb PR BS staaahp. ):


Ah. Well. That’s the question isn’t it? How to make this stop?

We have absolutely no influence over what happens pr wise. Acknowledging that fact is about the only way to keep this experience enjoyable and to make “this” stop. Let me explain:

I get so many people telling me ‘don’t say Elounor will break up or we’ll get more pictures, don’t give people hope because management will crush it’. But that’s turning the PR relationship on it’s head.

PR is there to influence public opinion about 1D - and obviously it therefore takes people’s opinions about 1D (and yes, that includes ours as a significant section of the fandom - to those anons who tell me I am stuck up for thinking I am important enough for hjpr to take an interest in my blog). But that doesn’t mean that our opinions, let alone te way we phrase them, hide them or silence ourselves, can influence their intended end result.

The picture mm/hjpr want to convey is that of an ueberheterosexual boyband. Absolutely nothing we could ever say is going to change that. PR is intended to go onlu one way. Of course there is two way traffic. We react to their tactics, and PR will adapt their strategies to convey the intended picture depending on our reaction. Listen closely while I repeat: they adapt the strategy, not the intended end result.

What I am describing here is an unequal power relationship. PR have the power to determine the objectives/the ‘picture’. The fandom doesn’t really. And PR has the money to sell that picture, we only have our own voices.

And what I see is a relationship that’s become abusive: PR trying to control our thoughts, part of the fandom resisting that control, and trying to negotiated a different end result.

But by negotiating, you say yes to the relationship, you agree to be influenced, even if only by discouragement instead of persuasion. Listen closely: by thinking we could ever have any influence on PR, we are letting ourselves get discouraged even if we resist persuasion. That is still letting them influence us, that is still saying yes to a relationship, that is still encouraging them to persuade you better or discourage you more.

The only way to end an abusive relationship is to end the relationship, as when one partner is intent on abuse (controlling thoughts, and inflicting abuse, pretty literally in this case through all The homophobic marketing of 1D), there is no way to stay in that relationship and not be abused.

So that’s basically my answer: if you want this to stop, you only have one choice. Leave the relationship. Not with 1D, but with their PR. Don’t entertain any illusions as to our influence on them, and no longer let your opinion or mood be influenced by them. See a picture, tweet or article that’s obviously pr and put it aside, ignore it, as soon as you realize that’s what it is. Teach yourself to stop caring about it.

And last but not least: remember you are here for the enjoyable experience. Listen to their music, listen to Strong, Happily, You and I, They don’t know about is, Little Things, listen to One Thing and hear big dick. Watch Harry serenade Louis during ‘little things’ on 1D day, surround yourself with lgbt positive fans (follow and submit your own good experiences there!). Check my tags ‘THE little things’ and ‘Kissing sex marriage The lot’. Focus on the positive relationship, between louis and harry, between 1d and their fans, between fans in this lgbt positive section of the fandom. Leave the negative relationship with mm/hjpr. Even if the boys have not been able to do that until now. We can, and we should.