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Thanks God for Louis' jeggings.







It’s like the jeggings tour


I see a lot of people thinking a coming out is in the works or a re-branding, what do you think? I actually think they do need to proceed with caution until they are really ready to come out. IF this is a planned outing then I suspect it would start off subtle. However, I DON'T see a lot that suggest Modest is helping or on board with a coming out. The actions I'm seeing seem to be them fighting on there own.

Something is happening but it’s too subtle for me to tell what it is.

Coming out can’t happen until a certain thing happens and that thing hasn’t happened yet.

Rebranding will require some promo and likely the release of a hit single/album so we have to wait to see about how the next single/album is handled.

The brand is run very conservatively and it appears they are proceeding cautiously as you suggest.

No I don’t see Modest helping them.


I will say that there has been some suggestion that a few members of the 1D transition team are on board on social media.  There has been some heavy duty astro-turfing since at least July with narrative messaging anons and maybe even earlier.

I feel like transition started when we got the Blind Gossip that stated Yes, Eleanor is a beard and No, Louis has not had sex with her and Yes, she is getting paid but then tried to suggest that Louis and Eleanor were BFFs. Everyone in the fandom was then specifically told that they should love her and only her, not anyone in 1D but Louis’ non-famous girlfriend. How about no. But anyway. They ALWAYS go too far with Eleanor. She HAS to have connections to someone with pull. A nobody would have never lasted this long no matter how many Twitter followers they have.

That Blind Gossip was the craziest thing ever. PR ridiculousness at it’s finest. I couldn’t believe all the comments from the Koolaid drinkers so glad that Eleanor is there to support Louis. I was like NO. She is getting paid. It’s a easy job where she meets celebrities, get free designer clothes and enjoy worldwide luxury travel including several trips of a lifetime. She’s not doing anything for free or out of the goodness of her heart. Those paragraphs you just read were professional spin. At times I feel like I’m on board with what feels like the transition team pushing buttons and at others times, I’m like, No. How about just once the 1D team suggest that fans love and appreciate Louis and give him the credit he deserves.

Lots of narratives and spin getting put into the fandom are focused on the very things that fans used to be called crazy if they mentioned. Lots of explanations as to why certain things were necessary being put out trying smooth over hurt feelings. I think the explanations are for the Larry shippers. Koolaid shippers are getting the Louis and Harry drifting back to being friend scenario it looks like. 

I don’t agree that subtle is needed when it comes to natural things like bandmates interacting with each other or spending time together. If fans can’t handles bandmates interacting regardless of the nastiness Modest has spewed, it’s still a problem with the fan not Harry and Louis. 

Harry and Louis used to live together and openly call each other BFF. Koolaid fans deciding to be convinced that they became enemies by a media campaign is no reason for Louis and Harry to now take extreme measure to not be seen together if they want to spend time together. Rumors of the demise of their friendship were greatly exaggerated it’s time to move on.

do you think the others are ever jealous or even bothered by harry's celebrity status? he's the only one who (publicly) has all of these connections with famous industry people and his life seems very different from the others. the whole Harry Styles™ and one direction has to feel tiresome for them, like they're almost excluded


Anon, this is a question that has been discussed many times before on this blog and I don’t have the time to really answer your question in depth (I’m also not sure if I have a go-to tag), but I can tell you that being singled out is something that Harry has never wanted, it has come with a lot of pressure he does not want, he does not seek it out, and his band mates have acted protective of him because of it. They’re not jealous of Harry.

It’s best to study interviews over time and see how they act. Approach interviews with that question in mind and study them to see what the answer might be. Keep your speculations empirically grounded.

I remember they said something once about how jealousy was an issue during the X Factor days, though.

We have to remember that the plan from the beginning starting in X-Factor days was to get Harry Styles famous. TPTB didn’t expect One Direction to become what it has. They continue to treat One Direction as a short term project. Boybands have a 5 year shelf life, etc… Harry was selected to be the frontman of the group and singled out as the one with the potential for a solo career. There was plan that Harry’s name be mentioned in a newspaper every day for at least a year starting out. They met that goal and exceeded it. I think Harry’s name was probably in the Daily Mail every day from 2010 to probably sometime in 2013 and he’s still mentioned on a regular basis.  If you go back and read the comments on some of the articles, people say stuff like why some boy walking around doing nothing news? Why do you only talk about Harry, what about his bandmates? Liam or Zayn or Niall or Louis in my favorite why are there a million pictures of Harry and then a group shot featuring Harry, etc… 

The thing is that despite being called the frontman, Harry’s PR has treated him more like a future sololist. Unlike almost every band ever to exist, Harry has attended many music industry and other celebrity events either with Nick Grimshaw when they were hardcore trying to throw people away from the scent of Louis and Harry being a couple or alone, instead of attending with his bandmates. Despite being the youngest in One Direction, 1DPR has the general public convinced that Harry Styles outgrew his bandmates over the course of a year at the age of 17 or so despite working with them daily and living with Louis and preferred and was equipped mentally to socialize and date established industry people 1,2,3,4 decades older than himself. 

We make jokes about Harry doing his ‘ho stroll when he seems to take pictures with every single person in a particular restaurant or on a particular street. We have even heard stories that Harry asked people to take pictures with him who don’t even know who he is instead of fans begging him for a pictures. 

I can imaging that the other boys might have been jealous in the beginning and might even feel disrespected now at times when people act like Harry is the only one in the group but I imagine none want to submit themselves to the amount of ‘ho strolling that Harry does. 

Harry and the rest of the boys agreed to the plan. It succeeded. It helps keep the entire group in the public eye. 

The biggest change needed is that when they rebrand is that like a normal band, ALL One Direction should be allowed accept and show up for industry and celebrity events they are invited to if they want to.



LOUIS SHOWERS JOSH IN LOVE (aka teases him about his blonde hair):

"give it up for josh. niall’s brother."

"Come on Josh. Come on Eminem!"

"give it up for josh the real slim shady."

"give it up for josh, eminem’s son."

"give it up for josh… i can’t think of anything."


This Nashville picture that is supposedly them will never be confirmed as them, therefore it's impact is minimal. The quality is so bad that no one except the Larry side of the fandom have even acknowledged it. How is this planned or "seeding" when the majority of the fandom isn't talking about it?The same thing happened w/ that picture of Harry & Louis standing close at Christ Reedemer,no update acc. even tweeted it .Fans have been conditioned to turn the other cheek when "Larry" things happen.


Yes, fans have been conditioned to ignore it, which is exactly why they need to spend upwards of several months throwing things like this at the fans until people are eventually forced to pay attention. Because how have those fans been conditioned to ignore it? They’ve been fed sound bites by tabloids and based all their opinions off those, the very same tabloids which are now periodically linking Harry and Louis’ names and drawing attention to them in an increasingly positive way.

This is an oversimplification.

I understand why but it wasn’t just the tabloids, although they played a part. 

Twitter attacks from other fans and accounts associated with @Louis_Tomlinson has conditioned people not to acknowledge Larry as well.

Larry fans have been called crazy, fake fans, untrue fans, tinhatters and “You Larry Shippers.” 

A lot of  fans don’t want to admit to being a Larry shippers and therefore won’t blog or acknowledge it. Others feel the need to add unnecessary disclaimers to their Larry post or blogs about respecting the beard.  

My disclaimer is that I don’t respect the beard or the institution that she works for and represents. That goes for any and all 1D beards.

One Direction backstage with a fan in Chicago - 08.29.14. x

One Direction backstage with a fan in Chicago - 08.29.14. x

But why do they make it so subtle if they want people to notice?? I just don't understand maybe


Because they’re not just closeted. They’re aggressively, severely closeted. Their team has spent years building up a VERY negative stigma around the idea of people thinking they’re together. So now, if they want to have any hope of ever coming out with any dignity at all, the first thing they need to do is reduce (and eventually remove) the negative connotation that has built up around even mentioning them in the same breath. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but a lot of the “you ruined their friendship!” people have reverted back to “they’re just friends!” lately. That’s a significant step in the right direction.

I have not noticed any “you ruined their friendship people”  reverting back to “they’re just friends” but if it’s true, OK.

But I also don’t think they have to be subtle about spending time together just because Modest created the negative stigma.

Note: I’m pretty sure, I saw a news article last week likely submitted by Modest/HJPR with usual narrative of Harry having a rift with the rest of One Direction so in one corner we have subtle Louis and Harry versus blatant repetitive Modest in the other corner who has 2.5 year headstart. 

Staying in the lanes created by Modest is a very conservative way to proceed forward. It’s so interesting to me that One Direction seems to be very conservative in the way that they manage their business when there are so many opportunities I could see someone with a less conservative but still relatively safe business management style pursuing. But I have to remember I don’t know their secrets and they are a VERY shady band.

Koolaid drinkers drink Koolaid.

If Louis and Harry start talking about being BFFs and acting like friends and more than friends and say we’re friends not enemies, repeatedly, Koolaid drinkers won’t question it.  

They are going to be dancing around all of the crap that happened over the the last 4 years for a long time, maybe some of it forever. Louis’  ”biographies”  all say that his girlfriend is responsible for his success in One Direction. I hope trying to appease the Koolaid drinkers will not remain their first priority even as they are trying to be more authentic because if it is, true authenticity will not happen.

I don’t agree that acting naturally and like bandmates and friends requires subtlety especially as Modest is still pushing it’s nasty narratives.

Sesame Street: 1D Visits Sesame Street (One Direction Too!)


Don't you think that the picture of Louis and Harry could look like Louis scratching his back instead of having their arms around each other ? Ps: love you. Xx

No, to me it looks like a couple walking around with their arms around each other.  

When I glanced at the picture, that it what I saw and I am not trying to convince myself of something different.

If others see other things, that’s fine for them.

Do you think the backstage photo from nashville was seeding for the coming out like some people are saying, or just they happened to be seen?


I think that if they weren’t meant to be seen, they wouldn’t have walked in front of a clearly visible crowd of fans with their arms around each other’s waists, and they definitely wouldn’t have continued walking like a couple once those fans started screaming. And, sorry to say, but I think people who take that as a fluke or as an accidental slip-up are incredibly naive to how these things really work.

From what I can see, they’ve been seeding it for much longer than just that photo in Nashville. People have pointed things out to me in the past few weeks, things that have happened over this year so far, and it goes way further back. Headlines linking their names, them disappearing together for days or weeks at a time, being seen together in small ways over the last several months. It’s kicked up recently, but it’s not new. That’s the point of seeding something — Once things kick up, people are already subconsciously expecting it, because you’ve been giving them small doses of it over time.

(Now, this is about to go a bit beyond the scope of your original question, so I’m putting it under a cut.)

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